Liquid Facelift

With ageing, the contours of the face gradually changes as the skull bones shrink and the skin loses it’s elasticity. Restoring volume and contour can result in a fuller and thus younger looking face. Wrinkles also appear deeper and more extensive in a sunken looking face.

Dermal Fillers injected strategically by an experienced cosmetic doctor can restore a more youthful and less tired appearance and look very natural. Excessive filler injections resulting in a too full pillow face can paradoxically make one look older and appearing ‘desperate’ to cling onto their fading youth. The goal is to look so natural that no one knows that you have had any ‘work’ done.

The liquid facelift is a bespoke treatment customized to the needs of each client’s individual ageing face. During the initial consultation, we would assess you and prescribe a personalized treatment plan for your face, including recommending other complementary treatments like anti-wrinkle injections and BBL laser to refresh the whole face if desired.

Dermal Fillers in the liquid facelift treatment tend to be focused on the lower and midface and can include volumising the cheeks, temples, tear troughs, lips and lines around it, nasolabial folds, marionettes (mouth frown), chin crease, jowls and sides of the face. By treating most of the face, we restore the 3D contours associated with a younger face and reduce wrinkle severity.

Depending on the amount of volume required, we sometimes recommend a series of 2-3 treatments about a month apart for desired results. This is due to the fact that as more filler is injected, the amount of bruising and swelling increase, which camouflages the actual results. By allowing a few weeks for the Dermal Fillers to settle and integrate fully with surrounding tissues, we can reassess and treat any areas still deficient and any asymmetry. We generally recommend a limit of 4-5 ml in one treatment to minimize the risks.

Dermal Fillers cost $680 for a 1ml syringe of premium European filler. We offer volume discounts for multiple syringes used in the same session. Cost for 2ml is $1260 ($630/ml); and 3ml is $1740 ($580/ml). To help make the liquid facelift more affordable to those who benefit the most (women >40 years), we have a very popular 4ml liquid facelift package for $2120 ($530/ml).

The Dermal Fillers used are premium European fillers that are very natural and have a good safety profile, mainly being reversible if there are any persisting swellings that do not resolve with time and massage. The fillers are made from natural sugar molecules found in our bodies and have zero risk of allergy.

Side effects are similar to any dermal filler treatment such as bruising, swelling and redness which improve gradually over the next few days. This can be minimized by applying ice packs and staying upright. Make-up can be worn after 4-6 hours. As you are not feeling unwell, you can return to work after treatment if desired. We recommend at least a two week clearance before any important social function, eg. weddings.

Results lasts up to 12 months initially with subsequent treatments lasting longer as the fillers stimulate your own collagen growth. The first series of treatments is more intensive initially as it may involve replenishing a few decades worth of volume loss from ageing and sun damage. Subsequent treatments are recommended to maintain and further enhance the initial results.

Liquid facelift is one of our most popular signature treatments for those desiring a younger and more refreshed looking version of themselves, but are not ready or do not desire a surgical facelift due to cost or risks. When done properly, others will notice you look refreshed but not be able to guess why due to the very natural looking results. Shhhh …… that is the little secret between us only!