Facial Slimming

Attractive female role models portrayed in the media usually conform to the universal image of beauty: flawless skin, wide eyes, high cheek bones, full lips and a slender jawline. Having a square jaw caused by having a bulky muscle mass over the angle of the jaw (mandible), is frequently perceived as masculine by some females, and is more common in those of Asian descent.

The traditional method of treatment is an extremely invasive operation called mandibular angle osteotomy, which reduces the bony mass of the jaw. The most popular treatment today is to inject 20-30 units of Anti-Wrinkle Injections into each muscle bulk, called the masseter, which decreases the muscle mass, and thus the squareness of the jaw. For those who suffer from bruxism and grind their teeth at night, this procedure is also ideal. This treatment has no downtime, and lasts about 6 months.

Clients will start to notice an improvement in 2-4 weeks as the massester muscles slowly relax and reduce in size. Maximal results are seen in 2-3 months. We are experts in lower face slimming and have lots of clients benefiting from our many years of experience in  non-surgical Asian cosmetic enhancement.

A popular combination treatment for Asian clients desiring the V-shape or heart-shape face is to inject 1-3 ml of Dermal Fillers into the chin, helping to soften the jawline and elongate the chin. Dermal Fillers injection into the chin is the least painful area to treat and we also apply numbing cream before hand.

Cost: $700 – $750 for 50 units of Anti-Wrinkle Injection – most popular package.