Pigmentation & Freckles

There are many types of brown spots and these must be medically assessed before any treatment is performed. While most are quite safe, some are not. For example, melanoma is a serious life-threatening form of skin cancer which must be surgically treated as a matter of the utmost emergency. Many other types of pigmented spots such as freckles can be treated non-surgically.

Background pigmentation can arise from a variety of causes, including excess sun exposure, inflammation of the skin, or hormonal stimulation. It may also be a birthmark. Methods of treatment for brown spots include various forms of laser and light source treatments, light chemical peels and some special creams.

Most sun or age spots caused by excessive sun exposure can be reduced by a series of 2-5 monthly Broadband Light (BBL) treatments, which is sometimes combined with prescribed compounded depigmenting or bleaching creams. A series of superficial chemical peels also helps to improve irregular pigmentation. Deeper pigmentation like melasma (associated with the contraceptive pill) can be helped with MicroLaser Peels and fractional laser resurfacing with ProFractional. It is important to wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun to maintain the results achieved.

Cost: $495 for face, $395 for decolletage, and $790 for face & decolletage