Lip Enhancement

When most people hear the words lip enhancement, they think of the very pouting lips of Hollywood starlets, eg. Angelina Jolie. However for the vast majority of women who seek lip enhancement, they simply want a tasteful filling, or return in balance and volume, for fuller natural looking lips. For some women, they have naturally thin lips, while many others have lips that thin with age, especially the upper lip. Thin lips and associated upper lip lines appear ageing, and cause lipstick to bleed.

By using a non-permanent natural product like Dermal Fillers to restore lip volume, more luscious and kissable lips can be achieved instantly. Results tend to last 4-6 months. Permanent fillers are not recommended on the lips and face as they change shape with age, and that which appears natural and beautiful today, may lead to an unnatural looking mass when tissue volume loss caused by ageing occurs. Permanent fillers are also associated with permanent side effects, which can lead to significant scarring and distortion of the facial anatomy.

Cost: $680 for 1ml dermal filler